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tuck & dry® helps prevent the spread of bacteria and other pathogens.

tuck & dry® testimonials

Geline O. Ft Mohave AZ.
For the first time my customers are not getting their collars wet
Or hair down their back and I don’t worry about product seeping
through on to their clothing. I am saving time, towels and money.

Cheryl C. @ London Hair Company, MI
We like them and use them a lot. They work just like they say.
We use them for shampooing and chemical services. Finally, no
wet collars!

Janette A. SLC.
After 29 years of being in the Beauty Industry as a Stylist, I am amazed that an obvious problem has now been solved. I don’t know if I am more perplexed that it took so long for someone to solve the problem or how the solution was so obvious. Just like the simplicity of the straw or the coat hanger, tuck & dry has solved a big one. Over the Years as a Salon owner I would be frustrated at the amount of towels required to secure the client’s neck. In order to protect a wet back or worse, damaged clothing. It also collects the little hairs before they go sliding down their backs, lets face it even a secure cape doesn’t do the job 100% of the time. I just realized just how sold I was on the product when I ran out one day and suddenly felt panic, like I would be working with out a safety net. Needless to say I will not run out again. As a fellow stylist to another I love sharing and helping each other out so consider this tip, a big favor from me to you.

Dian R. Co.
I love it, love it, love it.

Leif Kolb. Arcade Magazine - SLC.
I now can get a haircut and go back to work without going home to shower
and change shirts. This new product saves me time. It’s worth a bigger tip.

Linda M. @Linda Michael’s Salon & Day Spa . MT,
We were using plastic, which makes customer sweat. ‘tuck & dry’ is easy to
use and comfortable for the client. It has great protection.

Tiffany M. IL
What a great company to work with. When I heard that it was made from
recycled poly I was impressed and felt good about using it and promoting it.


U.S. Patent
No. 7,506,383 

tuck & dry® is a registered trade mark of Janer LLC ©Janer LLC